Senior Support

The National Council on Aging is dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s aging population.  They provide numerous resources for the elderly and those assisting them.

Medicare Interactive is great tool for those looking to clear the confusion that many people have with Medicare.  It covers everything from a basic introduction all the way to answering in depth questions such as how Medicare interacts with other plans and much more.

Eldercare Locator allows users to search by zip, city and state, or specific topics to find a wide range of helpful resources.

Meals on Wheels provides meals to seniors throughout the United States.  Many partnering organizations provide meal delivery to home bound seniors.  To learn more about Meals on Wheels or to locate services in your area click here.

Is it time for Assisted Living? This Website helps individuals ask the right questions about moving to an Assisted Living community. Is it time? Why types of care home are there? What does it cost? What is the right option for you?*** 

Mattress Help has put together an in-depth guide on the affects of aging on sleep including sleep disorders that commonly affect our aging population, studies surrounding the need for sleep as you age, expert advice for getting better sleep, and much more.

Sleep Help Institute offers information on the specific issues that can prevent seniors from getting a quality night's sleep, how to treat sleep problems, and additional resources.  

This article on Fall Prevention and Mobility provides information on how to organize your home for safety, risk factors for falls, and ways to preserve balance. ***

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