Food and Nutrition

This section will cover found resources that will increase your understanding of the nutritional needs of you and your family.  It will provide resources for healthy meal options, tips on healthy eating, and other food related topics.  

*See our "Available Resources by State" section to find local food pantries and other resources for food needs.

Nutrition Data is the ultimate resource for nutritional information.  You can find the benefits of certain foods and how what you eat relates to your overall health.  You can also find useful tips and advice, analyze a recipe to see how it measures up and find healthy recipes.  If you have a nutrition question this site has the answer. is a wonderful resource for video information pertaining to nutrition.  They present odd facts, what foods are best to eat and much more. is a government run website with great resources and provides basic nutrition facts such as eating healthy, effective shopping plans and effective healthy weight loss.  It is also a great website to learn more about federal assistance programs and food safety.

For those unsure how to read a nutrition label the Mayo Clinic has provided an interactive guide to understanding these important food labels.

Oregon State University has developed Food Hero, a site that provides healthy recipes and nutritional facts.  It is also worth checking regularly to find healthy ideas for weekly meal planning.

The CDC provides the facts about sodium intake in children and what you can do to make sure they are not getting too much in their diet.

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