Typingweb is a free resource that teaches beginners how to type and advanced users how to become faster.  With computer use being an important part of most positions in the workforce, having good typing skills is a must.

Resume templates provide people with the basics of how to make a professional resume,  in most cases all you have to do is fill in the blanks and hit print.  Remember to make sure your information is consistent, use at most two fonts, and try to keep your information to one or two pages.  

Job Searches

The following are search engines that give you access to job listings within your area.  It is recommended to try more than one site to find which suites you best.  





If you are looking to start or change careers O*Net provides useful tools to explore your options, see what is in demand and determine what a career path in that field would look like.

Hitting the Open Road After High School is a great resource to explore options after high school. 

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